Racing Sponsorship Products and Tools

Racing Sponsorship Pathway“The Racing Sponsorship Pathway” – 7 Closely guarded secrets to getting a racing sponsorship. Here, it is revealed how to:

  • Get the ride you need
  • Increase sponsor funding
  • Keep sponsors for years
  • Transform your racing life

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Racing Sponsorship Toolkit“The Racing Sponsorship Pathway Companion Tool Kit” – Ready to go, must-have tools for successful sponsorship hunting. An absolute must if you’ve read the “Pathway”. Tool kit includes:

  • Presentation template
  • Letters (Intro letter, teaser letter, thank you letter, close the deal letter, etc.)
  • Short and long version contracts to solidify your deals
  • Press release samples to template as your own
  • Budget outline
  • Prospect list management system

Sponsorship Presentation TemplateSponsorship Presentation Template – Actual presentation used to get sponsors for a professional series. You get a killer presentation that was used to raise money and also get:

  • Explanations of what makes a good, professional presentation
  • Each slide gives you detailed notes about content
  • Follow this general structure and layout for your winning proposal

Daytona 500Sponsorship Letters and Templates – You must be able to write an email or a letter that looks and sounds professional or hire it done. With these letters you get:

  • Professionally written, results proven communication
  • Adapt to your program for better sponsorship prospecting and fulfillment
  • Introductory letter
  • Teaser letter
  • Thank you letter and “Close the deal” letter

Press Release KitPress Release Kit – Samples for writing effective press releases.

  • Two sample press release formats you can easily use
  • Spread the word about your racing business, results, events, and sponsors in a professional style and layout
  • Format widely accepted by news agencies, magazines, and other sports & racing outlets
  • Keep the format and just change the information to suit your needs.

Sponsor AgreementSponsor Agreement, Long Version – For complicated deals, professional series. It’s all covered in over 15 pages of attorney written contract. Use for:

  • National racing series
  • Regional racing series
  • Special sponsor arrangements that require detailed descriptions
  • Local racing program

Sponsor AgreementSponsor Agreement, Short Version – For straightforward arrangements. This contract gets the job done but is short and sweet. Use for:

  • Your local racing program
  • Hobby program
  • Less complex, professional arrangements as well

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